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Training Materials and Case Studies

Check out this Pro Remodeler article by Justin Hatcher, President of 1 & Fund, on closing more internet leads.

Heather Macklin of Macklin Law (and wife of our COO Rob Macklin), comments on new FCC rules regarding consumer consent for lead generation in this Pro Remodeler piece.

1 & Fund in the News

Skyler Severns Has Joined 1 & Fund as Chief Technology Officer

Oshkosh, WI, January 31, 2024 – 1 & Fund welcomes Skyler Severns as its Chief Technology Officer. Skyler’s experience and background in tech will help 1 & Fund adapt the systems its contractor customers need to increase leads, contracts, and sales.

For the past 8 years, Skyler has been an advocate for the Excess & Surplus (E & S) insurance industry. As the Chief Technology Officer for Dark Matter InsurTech LLC, and an active participant in the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association’s InsurTech committee, Skyler was able to design innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by MGAs and Surplus Lines Carriers.

Prior to working in the E & S insurance space, Skyler was a Solution Architect designing and implementing massive grid computing solutions for the retail, transportation, and finance industries.

“We are excited to welcome Skyler to the position of Chief Technology Officer,” stated Justin Hatcher, President of 1 & Fund. “He fills an important role that will help take 1 & Fund to the next level.”

Joseph Moran Has Joined 1 & Fund LLC as Vice President of Customer Experience

Oshkosh, WI, January 18, 2024 – 1 & Fund has announced that its 1Look — a revolutionary new proprietary, patent pending, multi-lender finance platform, is now available for general use by home improvement contractors across the United States. After rigorous beta testing, the patent-pending technology behind 1Look allows homeowners to submit a single application that is sent to the right lender the first time, making sure that the homeowner has the highest chance of being immediately approved for project financing. By streamlining the financing process with a single, centralized platform for multiple lenders, the chances of approval increase. This seamless, user-friendly experience increases customers’ satisfaction, and makes it easier for sales reps to close deals at the kitchen table.


With its proprietary lender-matching algorithm, 1Look matches applicants with the most suitable lender based on their unique financial profiles. Built-in redundancy supplies alternate lenders if an application is denied, increasing the likelihood of finding financing for projects. 1Look’s current suite of curated lenders means that one, soft pull consumer application can lead to approvals for consumer credit scores in the 600 – 850 approvals. And 1Look is currently working to integrate additional lenders to serve consumers with credit scores down to 550 or lower as well. This gives contractors a competitive edge that increases sales closing rates, average selling prices, and most importantly, profitability.


“We are thrilled to offer home improvement companies a solution that will give them competitive advantage to attract more clients and grow their businesses,” stated Justin Hatcher, President of 1 & Fund. “With 1Look, we are changing the game by allowing the average contractor access to multiple lenders with a single application.”

Bill Willcome Has Joined 1 & Fund LLC as Director of Contractor Success

Oshkosh, WI, January 12, 2024 – 1 & Fund, LLC is pleased to welcome Bill Willcome to its expanding team of experts. As a strong background in sales, Bill will bring his passion for customer satisfaction to contractors with whom 1 & Fund works. In his primary role as Director of Contractor Success, he will match the contractor with the appropriate leads to increase their appointments and success rate.


Prior to joining the 1 & Fund team, Willcome held the position of the Sales Manager of Tundraland Home Improvements where he led a dynamic team in achieving outstanding results. Bill played a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and success. His commitment to excellence and ability to inspire his team made him an integral part of Tundraland's continued success in the home improvement industry.


“We are thrilled to welcome Bill to the unique position of Director of Contractor Success,” stated Justin Hatcher, President of 1 & Fund, plus Operations. “We are positive that his skills will complement 1 & Fund’s sales proposition in developing leads, training and funding.”

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