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Check Out 1LOOK™

The only multi-lender finance platform designed

by home improvement experts

for home improvement contractors

Our Team

1LOOK™ Features
Functionality you, your reps, and your customers will love

One Application

A Single Application for Multiple Lenders Makes it Easy for Reps to Close in the Home

Why ask your sales reps to play "lender roulette" and try to predict which lender to send an application to?  Or worse, ask them to submit a second (or third) application after the first (or second) one is denied.  A singlee application makes it easier to maintain a customer relationship and close more deals.

One Lender Portal

Manage All Your Lenders With a Single Application

Trying to stay on top of three, four, or more lenders is a daunting task.  Multiple passwords, multiple interfaces and a whole lot of confusion.  1LOOK™ makes that simple - a single log-in is all that's needed to see your loan pipeline, check for approvals, and disburse funds.

Multiple Lenders

1st, 2nd and 3rd Look Lenders Translate to the Highest Approval Rates Possible

We have lenders that can buy deep - into the low 500s.  When you work with us, we will help you choose and onboard with multiple lenders, you are able to optimize your mix of lenders to ensure that as many applications as possible get approved - and increase sales in the home.


One Stop for Payments

Integrated Credit Card and ACH Processing

With our highly competitive rates, your sales reps only need to go to one site to get paid - whether it's via a loan, a credit card, or ACH/eCheck.  1LOOK™ is your one-stop payment portal, and makes getting paid - and tracking your cash flow - super-simple

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