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About 1 & Fund® and 1LOOK™

How many times have you been sitting at the kitchen table of a potential customer, trying to close a sale, only to have your customer DECLINED for financing.  It completely sucks the air out of the room.  Now what?

How much time and effort do you spend trying to submit multiple finance applications through multiple log-ins to multiple platforms, not to mention logging into a third - or fourth - system, plus your credit card and ACH processor - all while trying to stay cool and calm in front of a customer.  

How many times have you seen a customer experience decision paralysis when there are too many offers on the screen and the heads start spinning. Isn’t there a better way?

The financing process as it exists today simply doesn’t work for an exceptional customer and sales designer experience.  Enter 1 & Fund®, built BY home improvement experts FOR home improvement experts.

1 & Fund® was founded with the goal of making home improvement financing easier and faster for the sales designer at the kitchen table.  With our deep home improvement experience, we know that companies that finance more deals generate more sales, have higher profits, and better retention.


To address this, we developed the 1LOOK™ multi-lender finance platform, a revolutionary tool tailored specifically for the home improvement sector. Acting as your comprehensive "Finance Manager In A Box," 1LOOK™ streamlines and curates the financing process for your business.


With 1LOOK™, your sales designers can ask their customers to fill out a single application, and 1LOOK™ does the rest.  With our innovative, patent-pending software and algorithms, 1LOOK™ matches the homeowner with the right lender.  


Immediate results are fewer declines in the home and more sales on the books.  1LOOK™ platform is a win for your customers, your designers, your business, and the lenders who get to give you stronger approvals through the 1LOOK™ platform.

At 1 & Fund we're on a mission to create value through connectivity.

Our Team

Our Team


Justin Hatcher, President & Founder


Jennifer Lau-Hatcher, CMO & Founder

Justin has worn many hats in the home improvement industry, from sales rep to finance manager.  He's helped build companies like Tundraland into sales powerhouses, and came to 1 & Fund with the same vision - helping home improvement companies drive sales through financing.

Jennifer is a finance vet with experience at several fintech companies, including eight years at Synchrony Financial building businesses, strategic programs, and finance trainings. Jennifer intimately knows the financing space from the inside.  With deep finance knowledge, she helps 1 & Fund customers drive the right programs and adoption, helping them on the path to rapid growth. 


Rob Macklin, COO & Founder


Skyler Severns, CTO

A recovering M&A attorney who has transacted more than $10B in deals, Rob has worked in the home improvement space for half a decade.  Since then, he's sold many of the large home improvement companies, such as Tundraland, to private equity, so he understands how financing programs drive sales - and ultimately company value.

Skyler has two decades of development experience, starting with Microsoft and moving on to a number of other industries.  Before joining 1 & Fund, he developed and managed a multi-user platform for the specialty insurance market that was considered the gold-standard for complex insurance underwriting platforms.


Shawn Peterson, VP Sales

Joseph Moran, Chief Revenue Officer


Joseph has done almost every job possible in home improvement, from being a commissioned rep in the home to leading and training the marketing and sales teams at Tundraland and Renewal By Andersen. His deep knowledge of using financing as a strategic tool to close more sales helps contractors boost the closing percentages - and their bottom lines.

Shawn is a home improvement finance veteran with two decades of experience at Dividend Finance and Aqua. Having helped hundreds of contractors with their finance programs, he is able to assess the unique requirements of each dealer to match them with the appropriate funding options.

Our Values


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