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Brian Gottlieb
Founder of Tundraland

“ …The challenge is, the market has changed. It used to be one lender did it all…with the rising rate environment and tightening of credit conditions, the one lender idea simply doesn’t work…. the 1 & Fund platform is uniquely qualified to help you and your business today. Their platform is exactly what your organization needs to be successful.”


Matt Fitzgerald
Mr. Fix It

“The help and resources they (1& Fund) provide and willingness to roll up their sleeves and help with training and those types on conversations, I cannot recommend them enough. And I can assure you if you take that recommendation, you’ll be very happy to did. They’re just a phenomenal part of our business.”


Bob Camiere
Bath Experts

“Without question, the number one way to increase average order size, reduce cancelation rates, and increase profitability is to offer simple and affordable finance solutions. I can’t overstate the value 1 & Fund can provide to your business.”


Jay Deems
Minnesota Rusco

“If you’re in the business and you’re not providing your customers the opportunity to use financing, you’re losing money, you’re losing gross margin, and worse yet, you’re losing potential customers. People want to use financing, so give 1 & Fund a shot. They’re a finance manager in a box and can easily get you started.”

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